Identity and mission

Founded in 1999, iA Trust Inc., a subsidiary of iA Financial Group, is a trust and loan company. We provide iA Financial Group and its distribution networks with trust products and services that complement their activities.

As a deposit-taking institution, we offer term deposits and specialized on-demand deposits for select distributors, and as a lending institution, we offer RRSP loans. Additionally, we act as trustee for all registered products on behalf of some iA Financial Group companies.

Products available


You enjoy the security of guaranteed interest rates. With our GICs, you can diversify your investment portfolio and grow your money while protecting it from market fluctuations.

High-interest TFSA

Grow your money while keeping it accessible. Also take advantage of an interest rate of 1.15% without worrying about investment funds. 

RRSP loan

Take advantage of a higher tax refund, which will allow you to benefit from your unused contribution room in order to reach your savings objectives even sooner.